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Marsh Awards for Community Archaeology announced

Pip Richards receiving the Marsh Award for Community Archaeology on behalf of theCarwynnen Quoit p

The Marsh Awards for Archaeology were awarded in front of a packed auditorium at the British Academy on 10 November at the Council for British Archaeology's Annual General Meeting and Beatrice de Cardi Lecture.

The first Community Archaeologist of the Year Award was given to Viv Samuelson, one of the leaders of a community-led initiative to find out more about Wallsend in Roman times. Through Viv's leadership, the team were able to identify and excavate the long-lost bath house which once stood outside the Roman fort of Segedunum. CBA Director Mike Heyworth read a letter of thanks from Viv and received the award on her behalf.

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Lynda Walker, the longest serving member of Canterbury Young Archaeologists’ Club

The first Young Archaeologist of the Year was presented to Lynda Walker, the longest-serving member of Canterbury Young Archaeologists’ Club. Avidly interested in archaeology Lynda is working hard to to get the skills and knowledge she needs to become an archaeological conservator.

Julian Richards with Carwynnen Quoit project

This year's Marsh Award for Community Archaeology went to the Restoration of Carwynnen Quoit project in Cornwall. This project, a partnership between the Sustainable Trust and the Cornwall Archaeological Unit carried out careful research and a series of community events led to the restoration of the monument. The project brought together a wide variety of individuals from innovative young photography students and Julian Richards and his experimental archaeology team to schoolchildren from all over mid-Cornwall.

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