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CBA and CIfA secure future advocacy relationship

The Council for British Archaeology and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) are pleased to announce a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which sets out the basis for coordination and cooperation on advocacy between the two organisations.

CBA launches YAC Alumni

Were you a member of the Young Archaeologists' Club as a young person? If so, we want to hear from you...

UK General Election 2019 statement

Joint statement from the Council for British Archaeology and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists in response to the 2019 UK General Election result.

CBA letter to Sheffield City Council

The CBA has written to Sheffield City Council to express our concern at draft restructuring proposals in their planning department.

CBA Statement

CBA response to an incident at our Annual Archaeology Day 2019.

Magazine Sale!

To celebrate Christmas we are offering our entire British Archaeology magazine at half the regular price! Grab yourself a bargain whilst stocks last! Sale ends 31st January.

CBA response to A303 tunnel plans

CBA trustees have agreed not to support the latest plans for a bored tunnel taking the A303 under parts of the World Heritage Site at Stonehenge.

New CBA publications

Two CBA practical handbooks are now available to order on human remains in archaeology and recording timber-framed buildings.

Stonehenge and CBA in the headlines

We are very happy to report that our Stonehenge Special report is getting some major coverage in the media. Since the release of the latest issue of British Archaeology, several major news outlets have featured stories from it. This has highlighted not only the A303 Stonehenge Consultation, but the importance of British Archaeology in general to a wide and diverse audience.

Grimsby Ice Factory among 7 most endangered heritage sites in Europe

Europa Nostra, the leading heritage organisation in Europe, and the European Investment Bank Institute have announced the most threatened heritage sites in Europe for 2018. Taking pride of place on this list is Grimsby Ice Factory, alongside sites such as the historic centre of Vienna, post-Byzantine churches in Albania the and the Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria.

Stonehenge Special Report

We have commissioned a special feature issue of British Archaeology to inform debate about the proposed A303 road tunnel at Stonehenge. Written by Mike Pitts, editor of British Archaeology magazine, it describes the new fieldwork and discoveries in and around the world heritage site, much of which has not yet been published.

Supporting archaeology in the UK

The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) have launched a survey about community archaeology volunteering. We want to find out who takes an active part in community archaeology and what kind of things you get involved with. Most importantly we’d like to know about the kinds of additional support you need to thrive and how the Council for British Archaeology might be able to help you. The last time we asked you about this was 10 years ago and a lot has changed since then!

Listed buildings under threat in Wales

In a letter printed in The Times today, nine national heritage organisations, including the Council for British Archaeology and SAVE Britain’s Heritage, are calling on the Welsh Law Commission and the Welsh Assembly to reject proposed changes to legislation that would abolish listed building consent and merge it with planning permission.

Bigger and better for 2019!

The Festival of Archaeology will be taking a year off in 2018 as part of a plan for a bigger and better festival to form part of 75th anniversary of the Council for British Archaeology next year. The Festival of Archaeology has been running for 27 years – from a single day in 1990 to two weeks in 2017. Last year over 1,000 events were put on by 318 organisers across the UK and we want to build on this success for 2019.

Loss of Listed Building Consent in Wales?

The Law Commission has been asked by the Welsh Government to examine the operation of the planning system in Wales. The CBA is concerned at proposals to merge Listed Building Consent with Planning Permission.

Sherford's ancient 6000 year history

Archaeological excavations taking place at Sherford have revealed that the landscape was once home to historic communities, dating back over 6000 years. The work, carried out by Wessex Archaeology, alongside Devon County Council and consultants AECOM, has unearthed exciting artefacts that have helped to provide more information on the lives of early Devon settlers, including prehistoric pottery, Bronze Age tools, roundhouses and barrows.

Survey of Community Archaeologists

The Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) Voluntary and Community Special Interest Group has launched a survey of community archaeologists to get a better idea of who is working in community archaeology and to find out what everyone would like to have, or need, in terms of support and training.

Advocacy on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill resumed its passage through Parliament earlier this month, and the CBA and Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) have published a briefing which summarises CIfA and CBA’s advocacy position and what our organisations will be working on in the coming months.

Cadw to remain in Government

The new Welsh Culture Minister, Dafydd Elis-Thomas, has announced that Cadw is to remain an arms-length Welsh Government body, after the Historic Wales steering group considered a business case for it to be moved into a charitable body or agency outside it.

Marsh Archaeology Award Winners 2017

We are proud to announce this year’s winners of the Marsh Community Archaeology Awards. The Marsh Community Archaeology Awards, supported by the Marsh Christian Trust, celebrate excellence in community archaeology and recognise the passion and dedication of the many people working so hard to protect and understand British Archaeology. There are three categories:

Halloween guidance from the past

As any archaeologist will appreciate, the Halloween we know today is the result of a cultural melting pot of ideas accumulated over thousands of years. But given modern culture's focus on the supernatural, and often terrifying, aspects of the tradition we thought you might appreciate a little guidance on the ways our ancestors have avoided the attentions of what they perceived were very real supernatural threats.

UK Government finally ratifies the 1954 Hague Convention

The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) has received notification this morning (12 September) that the UK government has formally ratified the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and acceded to its two Protocols of 1954 and 1999.

Help us to record the legacy of the First World War

As we approach the final year of the centenary of the Great War, the Council for British Archaeology’s Home Front Legacy team are pulling out all of the stops to ensure we record as much of the legacy of this conflict as possible before they are lost and forgotten forever. Two new workshops have been announced, whilst August has been designated a big recording month for the project. The team have also started to recruit champions who have shown their skill at recording sites, in order to inspire others to take up the challenge.

Ready, set, archaeo’bake

Whether you are inspired by Flag Fen fancies, Star Carr cookies or Maiden Castle muffins, you now have the chance to show off your skills with the 2017 Festival of Archaeology baking competition launched today. The competition is part of the Festival of Archaeology that runs across the UK from 15 to 30 July, organised by the Council for British Archaeology.

University Archaeology Day 2017

UCL archaeologists, with support from the CBA, are working with experts from 24 other universities to create the UK’s first University Archaeology Day, aimed at inspiring a much needed next generation of archaeologists.

Safeguarding archaeology: Our message to the new Government

As the results of last night’s general election are digested and a new Government is formed, we have an opportunity to reflect upon and encourage a broad new agenda for cultural heritage, environment and archaeology. The CBA and CIfA have worked together to outline their vision for the future archaeology environment.

Startling results from new analyses at Avebury

New work on samples taken from a lesser-known site in Avebury have revealed startling results that affect not just the world heritage site, but our understanding of Neolithic Wessex and other great political and religious centres over 4,000 years ago. The latest issue of British Archaeology magazine reports on these findings.

Reflections on Archaeology

An important new report has been published by the British Academy on the current state of archaeology in Britain. The report emphasises the need for a single authoritative voice for the discipline and recommends that, as a matter of urgency, the major stakeholder organisations come together to find a solution to the problem that in its considered view threatens the future health of the discipline.

CBA response to A303 Stonehenge consultation

The Council for British Archaeology has a long-established interest in the conservation and management of the World Heritage Site (WHS) around Stonehenge. Over the last year we have consulted our members, held an open public debate, and engaged with our trustees in updating our position statement on the management of the WHS.

Cultural Property Bill gets Royal Assent

The Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Bill successfully passed its final parliamentary stages in the House of Commons this week and has now received Royal Assent today, 23 February.

CBA statement on Stonehenge proposals

Trustees of the Council for British Archaeology met yesterday (17 January) and considered the charity’s response to the latest proposals for the A303 in the World Heritage Site around Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

Stonehenge plans announced

The Government has announced plans to upgrade a seven-mile single carriageway stretch of the A303 near Stonehenge in Wiltshire into a dual carriageway. The single carriageway section of the A303 currently runs alongside the stones and the Government’s proposed option is “to construct a 1.8 mile dual carriageway tunnel to improve journey times, remove the sight and sound of traffic and enhance the world heritage site”.

British Archaeology archive now available to institutions

British Archaeology, the UK's most talked about archaeology magazine, has partnered with digital publishing specialists Exact Editions to launch its complete archive. As of today, leading institutions such as universities, government departments, colleges and libraries will be able to instantly access all issues, dating back to 1995, via the app or online. This allows users to browse more than 150 issues on their preferred device, with IP authentication allowing users access both on and off site.

Marsh Archaeology Award winners 2016

We are proud to announce this year’s winners of the Marsh Community Archaeology awards. The Marsh Community Archaeology Awards, supported by the Marsh Christian Trust, celebrate excellence in community archaeology and recognise the passion and dedication of the many people working so hard to protect and understand British Archaeology.

AQA cuts A-level archaeology from curriculum

On 12 October we received the devastating news that Archaeology was no longer going to be offered as an A-level qualification by the AQA – the only remaining examining board to offer the subject. Our own research has previously shown that 74% of A-Level Centres saw a clear correlation between students choosing A-Level Archaeology and their proposed Higher Education or career path so this move could have a critical impact on Britain’s Heritage so such a cut could have a devastating impact on our discipline.

After the Hague Convention

Now that the Hague Convention looks set to be ratified by the UK's Government, we need to think ahead to how best to empower both protocols and how to make best use of the UK's new Cultural Protection Fund. The CBA and other sector leaders have written to the government to help polarise their thoughts on the matter.

CBA respond to new Neighbourhood Planning Bill

This afternoon the government published its new Neighbourhood Planning Bill, which CBA members will recall from May, when it was announced in the Queen's speech and caused concern amongst the archaeological community for its potential to impact the use of 'pre-commencement conditions' to secure archaeological mitigation in the planning system.

Early success for #archaeologymatters campaign

The Plymouth Archaeology Society recently met with Oliver Colville MP to discuss local heritage issues. They had a very productive meeting and Mr Coleville even showed his commitment to the #archaeologymatters campaign by being photographed with one of the campaign pledge cards. A great start to the campaign and a positive example for us to follow when approaching our own MPs.

Post-referendum archaeology

The archaeological sector recognises that there will be impacts upon the way archaeological work is done in this country following the decision to leave the European Union. There is a lot of heated debate and conjecture throughout the archaeological community so we wanted to outline some of the concerns as well as potential opportunities for UK archaeology.

Beatrice de Cardi: A legacy of discovery

On 5 July we received the sad news that Beatrice de Cardi, distinguished archaeologist and founding Secretary of the Council for British Archaeology, passed away at the age of 102. Beatrice was well known and much loved at the CBA as our first ever member of staff and long-term supporter and inspiration. She was also widely admired for her achievements as an explorer of the archaeology of the countries of the lower Persian Gulf. A life as full of achievement and adventure as hers is difficult to summarise, but her is a brief overview of the life of an icon of archaeology.

Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site Conference

In 1986 Stonehenge and Avebury, along with 6 other sites in the UK were inscribed onto the World Heritage List by UNESCO. In 2016, English Heritage, the National Trust, the Wiltshire Museum, CBA Wessex and the RSPB and others are all helping to celebrate this anniversary with events taking place throughout the year. The highlight will be a conference taking place in Devizes on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November this year.

Government responds to the 'Stop destruction of British Archaeology' petition

The Government has today released a response to the petition, which currently has over 17,000 signatures. The response provides assurances that there is no intention to damage archaeological protections, however, the CBA remains concerned that Government's reforms will continue to impact upon archaeology.

CBA issue joint statement on recent planning reform announcements

The CBA has been working with colleagues from the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) and Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers in response to recent announcements of planning reform made recently during the Queen's Speech.

Stonehenge book shortlisted

CBA's recent publication on Stonehenge has been shortlisted for the 2016 British Archaeological Awards Best Archaeological Book Award

CBA response to new Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill announcement

The Housing and Planning Act 2016 and the forthcoming Neighbourhood Planning & Infrastructure Bill were both mentioned on 18 May during the Queen’s Speech to mark the start of the new parliamentary session at Westminster, and both could have unintended consequences for the way in which archaeology is embedded in the planning process. Archaeology is at risk, and we have outlined these risks below in brief.

Parliamentary programme for 2016-17

The Queen’s Speech announcing the legislative programme for the forthcoming parliamentary year was delivered this morning in Parliament. Amongst the Bills announced there are two that are of particular interest to the Council for British Archaeology:

Adopting Archaeology

The Adopting Archaeology project aims to support local groups involved in taking care of local heritage. If you are interested in caring for your local heritage, this project is about you – so we really want you to take part. This is an early opportunity for a small number of groups in Yorkshire to start co-creating and shape the future of the project before it is promoted more widely this summer.

Planning the Planning Bill

CBA and colleagues in the archaeology sector have been actively lobbying Government over proposals, included as part of the Housing and Planning Bill, to introduce an automatic planning permission in principle for areas of land, including the vast majority of brownfield sites, in order to speed up housebuilding.

Doggerland, Europe’s lost world

Few travellers crossing the North Sea are aware that these grey northern waters cover a prehistoric landscape that once stretched without break between the English and Danish coasts. This was the case until between 18,000 and 5500 BC, global warming raised sea levels to the extent that an area larger than the United Kingdom, was engulfed by water. A vast landscape sank beneath the North Sea, its physical remains preserved under the sea but memory of it is lost through time. This is the story of Doggerland, Europe's lost world.

Vote for Welsh Heritage

Wales Heritage Group Launches Manifesto for Heritage in Advance of 2016 Election. A recently formed alliance of high profile heritage organisations urges politicians to recognise the economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits of Welsh Heritage.

Iconic Victorian gasholder saved from destruction

“I’ve never done anything with heritage before but I want to save this gas holder behind my house and I don’t know where to start.” An unlikely start to a phone conversation that would lead to the listing of an iconic piece of Victorian architecture. But thanks to one man’s concern for a local landmark, Gasholder no.1 overlooking the Oval has been saved from destruction and is now a listed structure.

Good news for heritage services in Norfolk

Proposals to cut a variety of services by Norfolk County Council, which included the Historic Environment Record, the finds recording scheme and community archaeology services appear to be about to be dropped.

Humane excavations

Following news that, despite widespread criticism, Channel 5 are going ahead with broadcasting 'Battlefield Recovery' this weekend, the CBA wishes to express that we are appalled and outraged at the apparent irresponsible glorification of the looting of war graves that this programme portrays.

Stonehenge quarries found 140 miles away in Wales

Excavation of two quarries in Wales by a UCL-led team of archaeologists and geologists has confirmed they are sources of Stonehenge’s ‘bluestones’– and shed light on how they were quarried and transported.

Spending Review 2015 announcement

Earlier this week the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced his Government’s Spending Review for 2015, which brings mixed news for the historic environment.

Celebrating excellence in archaeology

The CBA AGM this year was a packed event. Held at the British Academy, it incorporated the Marsh Community Archaeology Awards, Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award presentation, De Cardi lecture, Stonehenge debate, and book launch, plus our annual general meeting. However, as you will see from our photo gallery, the event didn’t disappoint.

Marsh Award Winner 2015

The results are in for this year's Marsh Archaeology Awards. Winners were announced last night at the annual De Cardi lecture held at the British Academy in London.

PAS Conference 2015

The Portable Antiquities Scheme’s 2015 conference celebrates the launch of PASt Explorers, the Scheme’s five year Heritage Lottery Funded project to recruit and train volunteers from local communities, increasing the capacity of the PAS to record archaeological objects found by members of the public.

Urgent call for volunteers to survey England’s disappearing coastal archaeology

Thousands of archaeological sites along England’s coast and tidal estuaries are being destroyed by extreme weather, rising sea levels and tidal scour. CITiZAN, the Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network, is the first national community-led project to tackle the alarming threat to our heritage. Today, CITiZAN is calling for an army of volunteers to help survey and monitor these nationally-important but vulnerable archaeological sites before they disappear.

Assessing the Value of Community Led Research

Historic England has commissioned Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service to find out how much archaeology, historic building and local history research is carried out by voluntary groups in England. The project will also assess the value or potential value this research has for enhancing Historic Environment Records (HERs) and Research Frameworks.

UK government yet to ratify Bill protecting cultural heritage during conflict

The Hague Convention is the primary piece of International Humanitarian Law concerning the protection of cultural heritage during conflict. However, despite numerous examples of the abuse and destruction of cultural heritage, the UK government remains one of the few governments active on the world stage – and the only full-time member of the UN Security Council – yet to ratify the Convention.

Young Archaeologists’ Club wins EU prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award

The Young Archaeologists’ Club has just been declared a laureate of the prestigious EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards. YAC is one of just 5 UK prize winners from a field of 263 nominees from 29 countries. The Young Archaeologists’ Club will find out at a ceremony in Oslo on 11 June whether they have beaten 28 other laureates to become a Grand Prix laureate and win a prize of €10,000.

CBA and University of York announce collaborative PhD opportunity

The ‘Adopting Archaeology’ project will examine the impact and sustainability of archaeological stewardship of heritage. These three-year PhD studentships are fully funded, thanks to the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and are a collaboration between the CBA and the University of York’s Department of Archaeology.

Stonehenge debate

The CBA will be hosting a debate on the future management options for the landscape around Stonehenge at our Annual General Meeting on 9 November in London. Details of our engagement and the development of the CBA’s view can be found on our Stonehenge Saga archive web page.

CBA celebrates four years of community archaeology

At the CBA Winter General Meeting on 2 March community archaeologists from across the UK came together to mark the culmination of our Community Archaeology Training Placement project.

CBA responds to proposals to close Newport Museum and Art Gallery

The CBA has responded to proposals by Newport City Council to close the City Museum and Art Gallery. The highly regarded institution contains important collections of Newport's archaeological heritage from prehistory to the 20th Century, including material from the Roman fortress at Caerleon, and objects telling the story of the city's association with the Chartist movement, along with the internationally important 15th Century Newport Ship.

Mick Aston Time Team Special Dig Campaign

Fans from all over the world have been signing an online petition to see Time Team come together one final time to do a Time Team special dig episode in memory of the late Professor Mick Aston.

Chartered Institute for Archaeologists launch

Tuesday 9 December 2014 saw the formal launch of the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists - a momentous occasion for both the professional body and the profession of archaeology.

Stonehenge tunnel announced

The Government has announced that it will fund a road tunnel under the Stonehenge World Heritage Site to remove the traffic bottleneck near the world-famous prehistoric monument.

Graeme Barker retrospective at CBA Beatrice de Cardi Lecture

Professor Graeme Barker marked 70 years of the CBA and the 100th birthday of archaeologist Beatrice de Cardi, with a retrospective of his career in world archaeology at the 36th Beatrice de Cardi Lecture on 10 November 2014 at the British Academy.

Marsh Awards for Community Archaeology announced

Awards were presented for Young Archaeologist of the Year, Community Archaeologist of the Year and the Marsh Award for Community Archaeology at the CBA's Annual General Meeting on 10 November.

CBA support for the NVQ in Archaeological Practice

The NVQ in Archaeological Practice is a vocational qualification that accredits professional competency via a portfolio of candidate's work. Over the past three years the NVQ has been undertaken by trainees as part of the Community Archaeology Bursaries Project coordinated by the CBA.

New model for English Heritage confirmed

The Government has just announced that it has confirmed the plans for the English Heritage new model which will ‘go live’ on 1 April 2015.

Britain's lost munitions factories

Can you help us to track down a series of lesser-known ‘National’ munitions factories to try and get a more complete picture for the Home Front Legacy project?

Romans Return to Ravenglass

The Roman stronghold Ravenglass, once a fort at the southern tip of Hadrian’s Wall, will see the second season of a £125,000 community study into the key civilian settlement site.

British Archaeological Awards 2014 winners announced

The winners of the 2014 British Archaeological Awards were announced yesterday (Monday 14 July) at an exclusive awards ceremony, compèred by Loyd Grossman, Chair of the Heritage Alliance, and Dan Snow, President of the Council for British Archaeology at the British Museum.

New Wessex Gallery of Archaeology

More than 2,000 visitors from around the world attended the grand opening of Salisbury Museum’s new £2.4 million world-class Wessex Gallery of Archaeology on Saturday 12 July which was opened by anthropologist and TV presenter Professor Alice Roberts.

All aboard the Good Ship YAC

Team CBA are taking to the river Ouse on Sunday 13th July to compete in the annual York Dragon Boat Race. The team are fundraising to support the Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC). Show your support through SPONSORSHIP today

CBA celebrates home-front military heritage on Armed Forces Day

On 28th June 2014 CBA ran a training day that coincided with Armed Forces Day. Field-based and focusing on the extant military remains at Reighton Sands, North Yorkshire, the aim of the day was to further understanding of twentieth-century defence landscapes.

Cross sector professionals celebrate skills for the future

On Thursday 26th June 2014, colleagues from across the UK heritage sector came together for a Graduation event in York, organised by the Council for British Archaeology to celebrate the achievements of the Community Archaeology Bursaries Project

Council for British Archaeology commends cross-sector collaboration

On Monday 2nd June 2014, colleagues from across the UK heritage sector came together for a Graduation event at National Museum Cardiff, organised by the Council for British Archaeology to celebrate the achievements of the Community Archaeology Bursaries Project

CBA book short-listed for major prize

It was announced today that the Council for British Archaeology’s recent book, Star Carr: Life in Britain after the Ice Age, has been short-listed for the Best Archaeological Book prize in the prestigious British Archaeological Awards.

Get involved with the future of historic environment information management

On 14 May 2014 the CBA hosted a one-day seminar to discuss common issues facing the historic environment information management sector and make progress towards a shared vision and agenda. Get involved with ongoing discussions and recap on the day through YouTube, Storify and Twitter!

Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project wins Heritage Lottery Fund support

The Whitehawk Camp partnership formed of Centre for Applied Archaeology (University College London), Brighton & Hove City Council’s Royal Pavilion & Museums and Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society, has today received £99,300 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting community archaeology project based in Brighton.

CBA joins the campaign to protect Ancient Woodland

The CBA have written to the Prime Minister over concerns about bio-diversity off-setting and the impact this could have on the archaeology of the UK's historic and ancient woodlands.

Home Front Legacy project launch

Council for British Archaeology launches online app to enable local people to record the surviving remains of the First World War across Britain and help to protect them.

From a grave to a promising future

Great news in the case of the Dissenter's Graveyard in Exeter, which has been saved from development, and is now the subject of an archaeological investigation and restoration project.

Beatrice de Cardi Lecture 2014

The 34th Beatrice de Cardi Annual Lecture at the British Academy on 24 February 2014 was presented by Michael Wood who with Brian Marsh OBE of the Marsh Christian Trust, presented the 2013 Marsh Award winner for Community Archaeology to Matt Champion, director of the Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey project.

Cardiff Coal Exchange Controversy

Save Cardiff Coal Exchange! A concerned local has launched a petition to stop the local council from demolishing the interior of one of the finest Victorian buildings in Wales, leaving only the facade.

Excellent news about the Institute for Archaeologists’ Petition for a Royal Charter!

IfA’s Petition for a Royal Charter of Incorporation was considered by the Privy Council at its meeting on 11 February 2014, and Her Majesty the Queen was pleased to sign the Order of Grant. Celebrate now, but save some capacity for later! Several profound formalities need to happen before the new Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) comes into being.

England's Coastal Heritage Under Threat

Funding has been confirmed for the first stages of an exciting new project to help local communities to record at risk coastal heritage sites in England.

NINEVEH Trust extend their funding remit to include archaeology

As part of their support for a broad range of projects supporting public understanding of the environment and countryside, the NINEVEH Charitable Trust are now including archaeology within their funding remit. This could include any projects that inform the public about countryside use historically and how such use has influenced land occupation and use today.

Dan Snow becomes CBA President

Historian, broadcaster and television presenter, Dan Snow was inaugurated as the new President of the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) at the organisation's AGM at the British Academy in London yesterday.

De Cardi Lecture cancelled

Given today's travel disruption, our annual De Cardi Lecture with Michael Wood has been cancelled. We are hoping to rearrange the lecture for a date early next year to be announced on our website. The CBA's AGM will take place as planned from 4-5pm today at the British Academy, 11 Carlton House Terrace, London.

Moles help to unearth Roman Finds

On Monday the BBC's One Show looked at the site of Epiacum near Alston in Cumbria where moles have been helping archaeologists uncover Roman artefacts.

New YAC Dolls run for Young Archaeologists

Six members of staff from the Council for British Archaeology will be donning their trainers to take part in the Yorkshire corporate relay marathon, as the New YAC Dolls team, to raise funds for the Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC).

Delighted for Deptford Dockyard!

Our submission of Deptford Dockyard and Sayes Court Garden for the 2014 World Monuments Watch has been successful! This is brilliant news for Deptford dockyard and will bring deserved recognition of the immense wealth of heritage that currently lies hidden beneath the concrete. Perfectly timed, as Deptford celebrates its 500th anniversary this year.

New issue of British Archaeology magazine out now!

The Nov/Dec issue of the magazine includes features on Richard III, excavations at Burrough Hill, a lake village at Wigtownshire, Ecton Mines and finding the Romano-British underclass in the archaeological record.

Welcome to our new cohort of Community Archaeology Trainees!

This month a further 13 individuals take up post as Community Archaeology Trainees with host organisations located across England, Scotland and Wales. This is the fifth cohort of the popular scheme of year-long training placements in Community Archaeology run by the Council for British Archaeology and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund through the Skills for the Future programme.

Feedback your views on the future of societies

The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) faciliated a UK forum in March 2013 for local archaeological and historical societies and community groups. Read the discussion paper and take part in our UK survey.

Help support YAC branches

We estimate that leaders of our Young Archaeologists' Club (YAC) branches volunteer at least 70 hours each per year, the equivalent of 40,000 hours or 5,600 days across the whole network. Help support a branch near you by sponsoring the YAC relay team 'The New YAC Dolls' in the Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday 20 October.

Launch of the 'Inclusive Archaeology Forum'

This new blog developed by the WEA Digability Project aims to provide a space for the discussion and debating of issues relating to inclusive archaeology and heritage education.

English Heritage split announced

The Chancellor's Spending Review announcement for 2015-16 contained a significant piece of news for the heritage sector in England, that "the Government will work with English Heritage to consult on establishing a charity to care for the historic properties in the National Heritage Collection on a self-financing basis, supported by Government investment of £80 million

Mick Aston (1946 - 2013)

Council for British Archaeology Director Mike Heyworth pays tribute to the man who championed 'Archaeology for All'.

Forum on the future of local societies

Presentations and case studies from the Forum are now available online with a discussion paper. Share your views to help us support the future of societies.

Festival website launched

The CBA's 23rd Festival of Archaeology has been undergoing a rebrand with a refreshed name, logo and visual identity. A new website has also been launched with an enhanced 'what's on' area to help visitors to choose the activities which interest them from over 1,000 events on offer throughout the UK.

The King in the Car Park

First peer-reviewed paper on the University-led archaeological search for Richard III in the latest issue of Antiquity.

The social impact of Community Archaeology

Several CBA Community Archaeology trainees attended the Institute for Archaeologists' Conference in Birmingham between 17th and 19th April 2013. This provided an excellent opportunity to share their work with colleagues from the across the sector with poster displays, session presentations and general enthusing!

First World War projects launch with HLF funding

The HLF funding stream 'Remembering the First World War' will provide funds to help people explore the history and legacy of the war and how it impacted on their community.

Cuming Museum Fire Update

The fire that began on Monday at the Cuming Museum in Southwark has destroyed the museum's roof and two displays.

Heritage Help advice portal launched

As part of the celebrations for the centenary of the 1913 Ancient Monuments Act and the rise of the popular movement to protect the historic environment, 21st century conservation charities, supported by English Heritage, have launched a Heritage Help advice portal.

Bronze Age boat to be launched

A unique project to recreate a 4000 year old boat will reach its dramatic conclusion on Wednesday 6 March as the replica is launched into the waters of Falmouth Harbour.

Deadline for Briefing issue 130

The next issue of Briefing is almost due. This is the CBA's listing of fieldwork, conferences, notices and other events published in our British Archaeology magazine every two months and online.

Castle Hill

The Council for British Archaeology has welcomed the decision to withdraw controversial plans for the rebuilding of a pub on the historically sensitive site of Castle Hill, Huddersfield.

New HLF small grants scheme

A new Heritage Lottery Fund small grant scheme was launched yesterday by historian and broadcaster Michael Wood at the People’s History Museum in Manchester.

Archaeology Training Forum Award 2013

Nominations are sought for the 2013 ATF Training Award to recognise and promote best practice in training or professional development in archaeology.

Fieldwork opportunities 2013

For more information about fieldwork opportunities during April and Summer 2013 see CBA Briefing in British Archaeology magazine and online.

Archaeologists Warned World Heritage Under Threat

Archaeologists from around the globe were told that UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention was under serious threat at the launch of the 7th World Archaeological Congress (WAC-7) at the Dead Sea in Jordan on Sunday night.

Training Placement Boost for Community Archaeology

The Council for British Archaeology has announced another eight organisations to host Community Archaeology Training Placements from April 2013. The fourth cohort in the highly popular programme of year-long work-based learning placements will build upon partnerships and forge links with organisations new to the scheme. In a significant development the reach of the project will be extended to placements in west Scotland, East Anglia, and South West England.

Wakefield Council has secured £39,000 towards the cost of the Ackworth Hoard

Wakefield Council has secured £39,000 towards the cost of the Ackworth Hoard and is now displaying a selection from the Hoard in Pontefract Museum. The Council expects to secure around £49,000 toward the cost of the Hoard from national funders with the remaining funds to be raised through public donation and Council support.

Kent Iron Age helmet discovery

A rare 1st century Iron Age helmet discovered just outside Canterbury is the only example of its kind in Britain.

X-rays reveal secrets of Kent Anglo-Saxon graves

Gold and silver decorations on iron ‘grave goods’ found in two Anglo-Saxon cemeteries in east Kent more than 140 years ago are being revealed by X-ray and XRF (X-ray fluorescence) spectrometry analysis.

CBA joins fight to save historic spillway

The Council for British Archaeology is backing the campaign to preserve the grade II listed spillway of the Butterley Reservoir at Marsden, near Huddersfield.

Help Save the Ackworth Hoard for Yorkshire

Wakefield Council’s campaign to keep The Ackworth Hoard is appealing to the public to help raise funds to buy the hoard for future display in Pontefract Museum.

HLF funded Workplace Learning Bursaries

The IfA is offering 8 training posts based within a number of different archaeological organisations and in various areas of archaeological practice to start in January/February 2013. Earliest application deadline 19 November.

Time Team to be axed

It has been announced that Time Team has been axed by Channel 4, though they have been commissioned to make a small number of one-off 'specials' next year.

The Personal Histories Project

On-going, educational, oral-history, team research initiative in which senior archaeologists and public figures are invited to share their memories, life stories and past experiences with students.

Heritage Open Days 2012

The popular Heritage Open Days are back between the 6th and 9th September. Experience buildings and sites usually closed to the public or gain access to top heritage attractions for free.

IfA HLF workplace learning bursaries

The IfA are offering a further 9 training posts under the HLF’s Workplace Learning Bursaries scheme. These posts are based within a number of different archaeological organisations and in various areas of archaeological practice.

Church Fabric Recording Consultation

The consultation draft of the Association of Diocesan and Cathedral Archaeologists' guidance notes on fabric recording of churches and cathedrals has been released. Have your say by the end of October 2012.

Hosts announced for major new community archaeology training scheme

A major training boost has been provided to twelve organisations which have been selected as hosts for the second Community Archaeology Bursaries Project for 24 placement opportunities. The Council for British Archaeology, coordinators of this highly successful project, have selected host organisations with an established track-record in delivering support to communities with an interest in archaeology.

Grants for Archaeological Work in London

The City of London Archaeological Trust (CoLAT) invites applications for small grants to assist archaeological work in the City of London and its environs.

Archaeology is about knowledge, not treasure

The Council for British Archaeology has been working in collaboration with ITV, the British Museum and the Portable Antiquities Scheme on ITV1's new series Britain's Secret Treasures to ensure that everyone fully understands all the issues involved in the search for 'treasure' and can seek expert advice and guidance. 'If you are thinking of rushing out to buy a metal detector to search an area near you and seek out your very own "treasure"', CBA Director Mike Heyworth comments, 'there are reasons why you should think again or ask the experts.'

British Archaeological Awards 2012

At a well-attended awards ceremony at the British Museum this afternoon, many of the best projects, discoveries and communications relating to British archaeology over the last two years were officially recognised by the biennial British Archaeological Awards.

Homeless Heritage Survey at Monkbar, York

Between 4th and 6th July volunteers will be undertaking an archaeological survey at a rough sleeper site, which forms part of a project examining the material remains of homeless life in York.

Seeing beneath Stonehenge

Google Under the Earth: Seeing beneath Stonehenge was launched in November 2011 as an interactive multimedia layer tracking the progress of six years of excavation undertaken by archaeologists as part of the Stonehenge Riverside Project.

Hadrian’s Wall Walk Complete!

Sarah Dhanjal and Suzie Thomas have successfully completed their walk of all 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall, to raise money for the CBA.

First performance of The Chalk Legend

Saturday 14 July London Concert Choir present the first London performance of The Chalk Legend, an exciting theatrical event by award-winning composer Stephen McNeff and librettist Richard Williams, celebrating and inspired by the rich history and folklore of Dorset.

VAT Raid on Listed Buildings – say NO Campaign

Thousands of individuals and heritage organisations are campaigning to overturn the Budget proposal to withdraw the current zero rate of VAT on approved alterations to listed buildings. Only 2 more days to comment!

FAME Forum 2012: Fit for purpose? Skills and employability in UK Archaeology

This year's FAME Forum will focus on skills and employability in UK archaeology. Held in association with the Archaeology Training Forum, it will bring together a wide range of practitioners to discuss what we can do both to attract new entrants to the profession and to develop and retain those we already have.

Celebrating the rededication of the VCH to HM Queen Elizabeth II

A lecture to to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and rededication of the Victoria County History (VCH), entitled '“Head of Our Morality”: why the twentieth-century British monarchy matters’, will be presented by Dr David Starkey at Senate House in London on 25 June.

New British Archaeology app

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