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Alongside the Department of Archaeology at the University of York, the Council for British Archaeology has launched the ‘Adopting Archaeology’ research project, which aims to support local groups involved in taking care of local heritage. If you are interested in caring for your local heritage, this project is about you – so we really want you to take part. This is an early opportunity for a small number of groups in Yorkshire to start co-creating and shape the future of the project before it is promoted more widely this summer. Computer skills are desirable, but not essential.

We will be co-creating a digital tool for recording and synthesising personal interpretations of local heritage. We need you to identify what you consider your local heritage to be. We will then create a digital tool that can capture and communicate your views and integrate them with others in your community. Once created, this tool can be used by your group to clearly rationalise your stewardship goals for use in strategic planning and management. In professional jargon, this could be called community-sourcing statements of significance. By participating, you will hold power in the co-creative process – you can make sure we create something you want.

We are currently designing and developing a prototype of this tool and are looking for collaborators from Yorkshire who are able to take part at short notice. Participation is on a voluntary basis, but you may apply for up to £1,000 from the CBA Mick Aston Archaeology Fund to cover expenses incurred whilst arranging the key project event including;

  • hosting two local evening meetings, or a half-day weekend meeting, in June with PhD researcher Harald Fredheim
  • participating in a one-day design event in York in early July
  • hosting at least one further local evening meeting in July with Harald Fredheim
  • participating in a one-day showcase and evaluation event in York in late July

Please contact Harald Fredheim ( or Mike Heyworth ( as soon as possible to express your interest, or for more information.

There will be a range of other opportunities to participate over the next few years including:

  • Answering questionnaires to help us understand who you are and how the CBA can support you.
  • Taking part in a knowledge exchange event on ‘expertise’ to discuss what professionals and volunteers can and should be responsible for doing to take care of heritage.
  • Further co-creation of the digital hub featuring tools to support your projects and a network for sharing expertise and resources between volunteer groups.

See more information about the project at


Participant Information (182.4K, .PDF)
More detail about the project and information for those thinking of taking part.

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