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Cardiff Coal Exchange Controversy

Cardiff Coal Exchange

A concerned local has launched a petition to stop Cardiff City Council from allowing the demolition of the interior of one of the finest Victorian buildings in Wales, leaving only the facade.

Considered to be one of most historically important commercial buildings in Wales, illustrating the region's immense commercial power in late C19 and early C20, Cardiff Coal Exchange is said to be in imminent danger of major demolition work despite its Grade II* listing. Cardiff City Council have been accused of utilising section 78 of the Building Act to sidestep the public consultation process, and heritage bodies like Cadw and the amenity societies (of which the CBA is one) so that demolition of the interior can commence. It is believed that there are plans to create a modern business centre in its place.

The CBA are concerned by the allegations and are in contact with other heritage groups, such as the Victorian Society in order to seek a way forward.

For more information about this magnificent building see the link below or the Civic Trust for Wales news item. Sign the petition here.

Save Cardiff Coal Exchange! (1.3M, .PDF)
Further information of this iconic building

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