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Statement on equality, diversity and inclusion in archaeology

Black Lives Matter banners stand on Colston's empty plinth in Bristol

The Council for British Archaeology has released a statement on equality, diversity and inclusion in archaeology. You can read it here. 

We have also today launched an equality and diversity hub, bringing together a range of resources and links relating to equality and diversity that offer opportunities to learn, seek advice and find support.

Equality and Diversity Hub

As an organisation we acknowledge that we have work to do to better understand many of the issues facing individuals participating in archaeology and to create changes that ensure archaeology is accessible to everyone.  

We encourage anyone participating in archaeology and heritage to take the time to use these resources so that we are all better equipped to ensure that any participatory opportunities are safe and enjoyable for all.  

The hub is designed to cover all aspects of equality and diversity and remains an evolving resource. As such this is just a start, and if you are aware of any resources, organisations or material that it would be beneficial to share here, please email details to 

CBA Executive Director Neil Redfern addresses some of these issues in a blog post for our 2020 Festival of Archaeology Digital Week event - 'A Day in Archaeology' in association with the Royal Archaeological Institute. 

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