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Stonehenge and CBA in the headlines

We are very happy to report that our Stonehenge Special report is getting some major coverage in the media. Since the release of the latest issue of British Archaeology, several major news outlets have featured stories from it. This has highlighted not only the A303 Stonehenge Consultation, but the importance of British Archaeology in general to a wide and diverse audience.

The Spaces Project investigates bluestone settings at Stonehenge in 2008. Image: M. Pitts

The aspect of our report that is really catching people’s attention is our editor’s insight that Stonehenge may have evolved over a far longer period than previously considered, and that its position and importance may have derived from natural stone formations, which were there long before humans themselves.

So far, our work has been featured in;

Encouraging archaeology for all is one of the CBA’s core missions and this nationwide coverage of such a key issue is helping us to share the importance of our shared archaeological heritage with the nation.

If you have not yet responded to the consultation, then please read our special feature on the recent archaeology projects around the World Heritage Site, before making an informed response to Highways England before the consultation closes on 23 April.

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