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Stonehenge Special Report

We have commissioned a special feature  issue of British Archaeology to inform debate about the proposed A303 road tunnel at Stonehenge. Written by Mike Pitts, editor of British Archaeology magazine, it describes the new fieldwork and discoveries in and around the world heritage site, much of which has not yet been published.

As part of our mission of Archaeology for All we want to ensure that all people responding to the consultation are as informed as possible about the site around the proposed tunnel. The special feature is available for free on our Exact Editions pages, which will allow you to read it on a PC or any mobile device.

The special feature will continue to be freely available until the current public consultation held by Highways England ends. Originally the consultation was due to end on April 6 2018 but has now been extended to 23 April to accomodate consultation events that were rescheduled due to bad weather.

If you would like a background on the road scheme’s history, we have kept a brief history of the Stonehenge Story for you to refer to.

Highways England is now inviting comments on the road scheme. Full details with links to substantial documentation are available on the A303 Stonehenge public consultation 2018 pages.

This feature will also appear in the next issue of British Archaeology magazine, published on 6 April alongside a selection of features on the latest archaeology from around the UK. Council for British Archaeology members and subscribers will receive the magazine direct to their door and it is also available in newsagents.

The A303 as it goes past the site
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