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Vote for Welsh Heritage

Wales Heritage Group Launches Manifesto for Heritage in Advance of 2016 Election. A recently formed alliance of high profile heritage organisations urges politicians to recognise the economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits of Welsh Heritage.

The Wales Heritage Group Manifesto calls on the political parties to acknowledge the real life worth of the sector and to support, resource and develop this vital part of Wales’ economy and identity. “Heritage is key for promoting sustainable development, supporting wider regeneration, facilitating investment and enhancing skills for jobs”, says the group of heritage experts.

Baroness Andrews OBE, former Chair of English Heritage and former consultant on culture and heritage to the Welsh Government, said: “Wales needs to make the most of its spectacular heritage. I’m delighted this Manifesto acknowledges the Welsh Historic Environment as a catalyst for tourism and regeneration and as vital to the sustainable future of Wales”.

“Over 30,000 FTE jobs, £1.8 billion in output, and almost £840 million GVA is contributed to Wales by the historic environment sector. At least 20% of total tourism expenditure is attributable to the historic environment. Studies show that heritage is an asset which contributes to all aspects of sustainable development principles, enhancing the environment and quality of life”, said Interim Director of Civic Trust Cymru, Anna Lermon.

Mike Heyworth, Director of the Council for British Archaeology, recommends “that political parties adopt the Manifesto and highlight the four key objectives in their policy documents”. 

The Wales Heritage Group are an alliance of statutory consultees and voluntary national organisations active in the conservation of the built environment in Wales. Their objectives are to

  1. Create a joint identity for its membership and a combined and strengthened voice
  2. Share information of mutual interest.

Membership comprises the national amenity societies, plus invited organisations with a national remit.

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