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NINEVEH Trust extend their funding remit to include archaeology

NINEVEH Charitable Trust

The NINEVEH Charitable Trust has extended its remit to include the funding of archaeological projects where they relate to the preservation of the countryside. The Council for British Archaeology welcomes this development and hopes that it will encourage other trusts to recognise the multi-disciplinary value that archaeological study can bring to society.

The NINEVEH Charitable Trust supports a wide range of UK based projects and activities that are beneficial to the general public. The Trust puts emphasis on promoting a better understanding of the environment and countryside, whilst facilitating improved access and education. The remit of the Trust can therefore incorporate archaeology, as the mission of the trust is to inform the public about the historic use of the countryside and how such historic use has influenced land use and occupation today.

The Trust focuses on supporting projects that can demonstrate a wider public benefit but also recognises the value of the research remit.

For more information on the types of projects The NINEVEH Charitable Trust has supported and to find out how to make an application, please visit the website.

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