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Whether you are a professional archaeologist, studying or skilling-up to work in the field, or just fascinated by archaeology and want to explore further, the Council for British Archaeology offers a range of ways to get involved.

CBA volunteering

Our aim is to create opportunities for archaeology for all. We keep you in touch with what's happening in UK archaeology, whether you want to take part in a dig or join your local archaeological society. We also offer a number of ways you can get involved with us through volunteering, from helping to protect your historic environment, and getting involved with your local CBA Group to inspiring young people through our Young Archaeologists' Club.

CBA events

CBA events give everyone a chance to get involved in archaeology. Choose from 1000 events UK-wide in the Festival of Archaeology, or meet up with fellow CBA members and supporters at our special events.

Join a CBA Group

CBA Groups run their own membership schemes and welcome new volunteer committee members, both professional archaeologists and enthusiasts.

Join a YAC branch

YAC branches are a network of local groups where young people up to the age of 17 can get involved in hands-on activities on a regular basis.

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