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On the cover: More henges

Excavation near Stonehenge reveals yet another neolithic ritual complex, with two henges and 20 ritual pits – the other side of the river.

Issue 149 cover

Among other stories

  • London’s Roman tablets
    Details of one of the greatest hauls of wax stylus tablets from the Roman empire, naming 100 people around the time Boudica destroyed the early city
  • Victor Ambrus
    Victor Ambrus, who recreated ancient worlds on paper in front of millions for Time Team, is one of the UK’s most successful illustrators. We follow his story from the 60 years since he reached England as a refugee from the Hungarian Uprising of 1956
  • The life of A’a
    A’a is a well known Pacific wooden carving, collected by Victorian missionaries and held by the British Museum for over a century. New scientific studies, partly described here for the first time, have added surprising – and, for some, challenging – insights
  • The mound of pigs
    Excavation in the Vale of Glamorgan has thrown light on one of the great mysteries of prehistoric Britain – huge artefact-rich spreads of dark soil. At Llanmaes archaeologists found a shark tooth, piles of bronze axes and cauldrons – and the leftovers from feasting on pork, lots of front right legs
  • Filming Antiquity
    Amateur film shot at excavations in the Middle East in the 1920 and 30s is being copied and researched, revealing a “sense of youthful adventure” not seen in the academic reports
  • Green light for Stonehenge tunnel?
    Once again, roadworks near Stonehenge are being discussed. The Council for British Archaeology introduces an updated statement of principles for assessing proposals
  • The dark underground of neolithic mining
    Europe’s first miners were looking for high quality flint, over 5,000 years ago. Discoveries in England, Denmark and Belgium hint at a cross-Channel mining community 

Regulars include

  • News
    Latest Must Farm update
  • Letters
    The trouble with selling antiquities
  • Greg Bailey on TV
    Travelling with Mary Beard and Sam Willis
  • Correspondent
    What did the Queen’s speech hold for archaeology?
  • Casefiles
    Tyncefn earth-built cottage, Ceredigion
  • Books
    Welsh slate industry, and Newgrange tomb
  • Spoilheap
    A century of the Elgin marbles in the British Museum
  • Briefing
    The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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