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Past issue 158

On the cover: Bloomberg London

The inside story of how an excavation in the City of London led to a new museum in the basement of Bloomberg’s new European HQ

Issue 158 cover showing the New London Mithraeum

Among other stories

  • Westminster Hall
    Repairs to the roof of Westminster Hall are underway, but why are archaeologists excluded from examining one of the great wonders of medieval Europe?
  • Like Stonehenge megaliths – in flint 
    Phil Harding, Time Team archaeologist and flint expert, is in awe of a group of flint “cores”, the most recent of which was found in the Avebury world heritage site
  • Too much treasure
    20 years ago archaeologists welcomed the Treasure Act. Why do they now want help?
  • Hendraburnick Quoit
    A Cornish megalithic ruin has a message from the past
  • Animal, Vegetable Mineral?
    Remembering the original archaeology TV series, with an audience that could compete with that of modern soaps
  • Prehistoric feasts
    Glenfield Park, the dig where 11 cauldrons have been found at an iron age settlement
  • Auckland Castle
    Major excavations at a 900-year-old castle that was once home to the UK’s only prince bishops

Regulars include

  • News
    A great Romanesque abbey found under a garden shed
  • Letters 
    Diversity in Anglo-Saxon Kent, and aliens in Orkney
  • Greg Bailey on TV
    Letters from Baghdad, a film about Gertrude Bell
  • Sharp focus
    A medieval waterfront in Hull
  • My archaeology
    Rachel Whiteread, an artist informed by place and history
  • Correspondent
    What future for museums and archaeological archives?
  •  Casefiles
    Hangar Pillbox, Tollerton Airport
  • Books
    On the Ocean, and Hadrian’s Wall
  • Spoilheap
    Stories from the bronze age
  • Briefing
    The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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