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Past issue 160

On the cover: Beakers

How ancient DNA is changing the way we think about prehistoric Britain

British Archaeology 160 cover showing Stonehenge.

Among other stories:

  • Stonehenge without borders
    We survey the unprecedented amount of fieldwork happening around Stonehenge
  • The excluded dead
    An unusual Anglo-Saxon and early medieval execution cemetery on Weyhill Road, Andover
  • The Driffield hoards
    Excavating a pair of late bronze age axe hoards in Yorkshire
  • National Trust archaeologists
    What do they do? Archaeologists describe their work in houses and landscapes around England and Wales

Regulars include 

  • News
    A neolithic elk from Cambridgeshire
  • Letters
    Wristguards and benchmarks
  • Greg Bailey on TV
    Emoting about civilisations
  • Sharp focus
    A slab-shrine at Killabuonia, Co Kerry
  • Correspondent
    The Mick Aston Archaeology Fund
  • Casefiles
    A Herefordshire threshing barn
  • Books
    Ancient genetics, a London cemetery and Irish excavations
  • Spoilheap
    The challenging promise of new sciences
  • Briefing
    The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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