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Past Issue 164

Issue 164 of British Archaeology

 On the cover: Hoard King

Two spectacular models of the Staffordshire Hoard helmet took 18 months to create, after years of conservation and research into the original. We reveal the full story.

Among other stories

The Roman helmet Found within months of the Staffordshire Hoard, the Crosby Garrett Roman helmet was rapidly restored before going to auction. Its definitive study has now been complete

  • Rescuing HMS Invincible The first HMS Invincible, a captured French ship of innovative design, had a profound impact on the Royal Navy fleet. Her ignominious end has become a bonus for modern heritage
  • Ashurbanipal, King of the World Ashurbanipal’s empire, which reached from Iran to Egypt, is the subject of a major exhibition at the British Museum, described here by the curator
  • Locals and strangers Hambledon Hill, a complex of Neolithic earthworks excavated 40 years ago, was attacked by people armed with bows and arrows. A new isotope study throws light on the aggressors
  • Sun disc A decorated metal disc unearthed in the British Museum could transform our ideas about cosmology in Bronze Age Britain
  • Tarradale Scotland’s last Mesolithic fishers may have met the first farmers
  • Priddy New Neolithic earthworks found near the famous Circles

Regulars include

  • My archaeology, 

    Karen Till, detectorist
  • Letters Displaying the mosaics at Fishbourne Roman Palace
  • Greg Bailey on TV Aliens bring new threat to civilised viewing
  • Sharp focus Swarkestone Pavilion, Derbyshire
  • Correspondent The Marsh Archaeology Awards 2018
  • Casefiles The Golden Lion, Malton
  • Books Anglo-Saxon buildings and identifying finds
  • Spoilheap What’s wrong with archaeology on television?
  • Briefing The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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BA 164: Hoard King
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