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Past Issue 165

Past Issue 165

On the cover: Boudica

Our front cover features the statue of Boudica outside the Houses of Parliament, bearing down on London. Inside we focus on three Iron Age leaders who faced Roman armies in Britain, France and Germany. What remains at the battle sites? Where was Boudica defeated?

Past issue 165 British Archaeology

Among other stories

  • Another sun chariot? In our last issue we revealed part of the first Bronze Age sun chariot identified in the British Isles, found in Ireland in the 19th century and rediscovered in the British Museum collections. Now we have news of another possible chariot, again from Ireland

  • Putting old kit to good use The Avon Valley Archaeological Society wanted to do more than sit through lectures, but had no resources to equip itself for fieldwork. It found a solution – and made some significant discoveries

  • Castell Henllys  A village of replica roundhouses built on a Welsh Iron Age hillfort was informed by excavations that began nearly 40 years ago. One of the houses had to be taken down, and archaeologists excavated the remains of the modern house

  • Stone Balls  Over 200 carved stone balls have been found in Scotland, the size of oranges and each distinctively decorated. They were made in the Neolithic, and no one knows why. After a new study of these puzzling objects we ask how they might have been used

  • Chalk Drums  Could chalk cylinders have served as measuring tools in the Neolithic? Archaeologists say Stonehenge was laid out with a rule, and a few carved chalk drums hold the clue to what it was

  • Requiem We bring together the names of some of the archaeologists and lovers of antiquity who died in the past year in our annual tribute


Regulars include

  • News  Excavations in Bath Abbey and a new stone circle in Aberdeenshire

  • My archaeology Helen Wass, overseeing 1,000 archaeologists for HS2

  • Letters  Aliens in Blackpool and the future of Fishbourne museum

  • Greg Bailey on TV  Channel 5 goes digging

  • Sharp focus  Waverley Abbey, Surrey

  • Correspondent  Encouraging a diverse archaeological workforce

  • Casefiles  Home Farm, Nuthall

  • Books Neolithic Britain and a search for Doggerland

  • Spoilheap  Refugee archaeologists from Nazi-occupied Europe

  • Briefing  The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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