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Past issue 166

Past Issue 166  

On the cover: HS2: The UK's largest archaeological investigation ever

Prehistoric settlements, a Roman village, a War of the Roses battlefield and historic cemeteries are just some of the sites where work has begun on the route of HS2. HS2’s head of heritage explains the approach to a uniquely challenging project, and hints at things to come.


British Archaeology issue 166

Among other stories

  •  Reviewing the Treasure Act To help readers respond to an important public consultation that closes on April 30, British Archaeology presents commentaries and stories from a wide range of perspectives.
  • Mesolithic cemetery in Somerset Research on 1060s quarry finds reveals human remains to be over 10,000 years old.
  • Forgotten wrecks A major WW1 project researched an area of conflict and loss less familiar than naval battles and soldiers on the Western Front: the shores of the English Channel, where intertidal hulks, ports, wireless stations, quays, jetties and 1,130 shipwrecks reveal stories of a global war.
  • The Wollaston helmet The story of the best preserved Anglo-Saxon helmet found with a burial, unexpectedly discovered in a Northamptonshire gravel quarry.
  • Roman town Excavation on roadside verge revealed that the Roman town of Aldborough started as a military supply base founded in AD70. Foundations of the town forum match discoveries recorded in the 18th century.
  • The curious case of Çatalhöyük An internationally famous excavation project in Turkey, which has ended after 25 years, featured in an imaginative archaeological exhibition.
  • Management failure Do separate designations for landscapes of special natural or cultural value achieve the desired effect? The appearance of Dartmoor suggests not. 

Regulars include

  • Letters  The man who sunk a ship which survived Trafalgar
  • Greg Bailey on TV  Slow TV and Danny Dyer
  • Sharp focus  Megalithic Brittany
  • Correspondent  A chocolate PR disaster shows strength of feeling about archaeology
  • Casefiles  The Raven Inn, Warrington, Cheshire
  • Books  War defences in Suffolk, and English archaeology since 1990
  • Spoilheap Lessons from the mysterious sale of a Hawaiian carving
  • Briefing  The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews                     


British Archaeology is a bimonthly members' magazine that is also available in newsagents, and by subscription in print and digital formats.    

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