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Past issue 168

Past issue 168

On the cover: The cunning women of Scremby

There was more to Anglo-Saxon burial than swords and shields: excavation of a cemetery at Scremby, Lincolnshire is revealing new insights into female specialists involved in healing, divining and the supernatural.

issue 168

Among other stories

  • What happened to the Mesolithic? Generations of archaeologists have puzzled over one of the key moments in Britain’s story – the arrival of farming. Was it an indigenous initiative, or was it brought by immigrants? A new DNA study has solved the issue in a way few would have predicted
  • Aveline’s Hole One of the sites revisited for the Mesolithic ancient DNA study was a cave in Somerset. Though its human remains have a long history, the museum collection still has important new insights to offer
  • Michael Faraday: scientist, genius, archaeologist? Famed for his work with electromagnetism and chemistry, Michael Faraday was also a pioneering archaeological scientist
  • Notre-Dame de Paris Personal reflections on creation, destruction and buildings archaeology inspired by the devastating fire at Notre-Dame
  • SOUNDMARKS An artist and an archaeologist (who is also an artist) are exploring the underground landscape of Roman Aldborough through sound and visual art
  • Radiocarbon dating: the first revolution In our second feature celebrating 70 years of radiocarbon dating, we consider how old trees came to the rescue of an unexpected problem
  • Vikings First news of a major ancient DNA study across Europe

Regulars include

  •  News New insights into Neolithic settlers in Scotland
  • Letters A lyre to outshine Prittlewell’s
  • Greg Bailey on TV Atlantis Rising: Secrets Decoded
  • Sharp focus The heart of Orkney
  • Correspondent A celebratory Festival of Archaeology, and coming awards
  • Casefiles Wall paintings in a Flintshire church
  • Books Surveyors of Westminster Abbey, and stories of the Fens
  • Spoilheap Never mind the research, feel the money
  • Briefing The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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