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past issue 170

British Archaeology 170

Troy Stories: How ancient myths became modern sagas

Nearly a century and a half ago the British Museum declined Heinrich Schliemann’s offer to show finds from Troy. Now it is making amends with the UK’s first major Troy exhibition. To prepare you for the winter blockbuster, two of its curators tell the story of the search for Troy’s remains and the quest to prove Homer right


Home is where the hearth is

Renewed excavations at an old clay pit in Barnham, Suffolk, are finding exceptional evidence for flora and fauna 400,000 years ago, with flint artefacts and signs of fire – one of the three oldest sites in Europe with such evidence

Should we stop saying “Anglo-Saxon”?

Ten archaeologists and historians set out their views on a heated debate: should “Anglo-Saxon” be dropped as racist and divisive, or is it a historic term impossible to replace?

Collecting flints

What archaeologists call lithics – stone tools and making debris – lie scattered across the UK wherever people lived and worked in the more ancient past. Collections from cultivated land are a critical source of information. But how reliable are they? A long-running project near Aberdeen is helping to evaluate fieldwalking

Can AI help find ancient landscapes?

Historic Environment Scotland believes that tens of thousands of ancient sites lie undiscovered across the country. But how to find and record them, while they are still there in a fast changing landscape? An exciting experiment on Arran with artificial intelligence has had some surprisingly good results

New stories of ancient Britain

British Archaeology’s editor reflects on a theme emerging from unprecedented amounts of discoveries and new research


The hidden interest of Kirby Muxloe Castle

Hoards, barns and Reading Abbey

Greg Bailey on TV
Werner Herzog’s Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin

Sharp focus
St Michael de Rupe, Brentor

My archaeology
John Oxley, city archaeologist in York

2019 Marsh Archaeology Awards winners

Bristol Royal Infirmary and the early slave trade

Mount Grace Priory, and excavating Britain

Communicating archaeology by press release needs care

The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews

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