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Repair and maintenance of listed buildings

repair and maintenance

The conservation of listed buildings is based on appropriate routine repair and maintenance. The owner of a listed building is responsible for ensuring the building is kept in a good state of repair.

repair and maintenance

What happens if an owner fails to look after their listed building?

If an owner fails to properly preserve a listed building, the Council take action to secure the future of the building.

  • Urgent Works Notice: The Council may serve an Urgent Works Notice on the owner of an unoccupied, neglected listed building. The cost of carrying out remedial works to the building may be recovered from the owner.
  • Repair Notice: If a building becomes dilapidated through neglect the Council can serve a Repair Notice on the owner. This specifies the work that must be carried out and gives the owner two month notice to comply.

Contact Specialists

It is recommended that expert advice is sought in the alteration or restoration of listed buildings. A qualified architect specialising in the conservation of old buildings is likely to offer the best advice and a conservation officer at the local planning authority can help you find an agent.

repair and maintenance

Heritage Organisations

The Heritage Help website lists relevant heritage organisations.

Professionals and Contractors

Search The Heritage Directory. It provides a database of professionals and contractors in England.


Grants may be available from various sources including English Heritage and Heritage Lottery Fund. But criteria are quite strict, so be sure to check the individual requirements.

English Heritage

Heritage Lottery Fund

The Architectural Heritage Fund

The Heritage Alliance

Charity Comission

Funding Central


Dependent on area you may be able to seek grants from your relevant local authority.


As from 1 October 2012 VAT at the standard rate (20%) applies to all materials and services applied in the course of approved alterations to listed buildings.

Impact of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013

Various measures were included in the Act to simplify the listed building consent regime. These changes came into effect- scheduled for 6th April 2014. Further information is available from the following websites: The National ArchivesEnglish Heritage.

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