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Safeguarding archaeology: Our message to the new Government

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As the results of last night’s general election are digested and a new Government is formed, we have an opportunity to reflect upon and encourage a broad new agenda for cultural heritage, environment and archaeology.

The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) are two leading bodies representing the archaeological sector in the UK. They have worked together to outline a vision for an environment which is managed effectively, and which delivers the greatest level of protections for our archaeological heritage, maximising the benefits they bring to our communities.

Our message to the new Government is this: Promote the integrated management of our cultural and natural landscapes, uphold the principles of sustainable development in the planning system, and ensure that our archaeology and wider environment will be better protected after Brexit than they are now, and that they can thrive for the benefit of us all.

In outline, our 4 steps for a healthy, productive, and protected environment are as follows

  1. Prevent the erosion of archaeological safeguards in the planning process
  2. Seek an EU exit deal that works for archaeology and the wider environment
  3. Develop a world-leading approach to integrated environmental protection after Brexit
  4. Champion a stable and productive archaeological sector

A full outline of how we envisage this working is contained in the full statement below.

Joint CBA-CIfA General Election Statement (697.7K, .PDF)
Our vision for the post-election archaeological environment.

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