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Seeing beneath Stonehenge

Google Under the Earth: Seeing beneath Stonehenge was launched in November 2011 as an interactive multimedia layer tracking the progress of six years of excavation undertaken by archaeologists as part of the Stonehenge Riverside Project.

Google Earth view © 2012 Seeing Beneath Stonehenge

Created by researchers at Bournemouth University, the project includes a virtual guided tour of the Stonehenge landscape, visiting the Neolithic village of Durrington Walls, including a trip inside a prehistoric house. You also get the opportunity to see reconstructions of Bluestonehenge at the end of the Stonehenge Avenue and the great timber monument called the Southern Circle, as they would have looked more than four thousand years ago. As well at this, the project provides an example of what can be created using free software to disseminate data and information about archaeological sites and excavations to the wider public.

Timber henge at Durrington Walls © 2012 Seeing Beneath Stonehenge

What you can expect:

  • Learn about the prehistoric Stonehenge landscape
  • Take narrated landscape tours
  • Explore 3D reconstructions of newly discovered monuments
  • Watch videos
  • Examine photographs
  • View geophysical surveys
  • See the landscape through panoramic images
  • Learn about the excavations and their discoveries
  • Gain ideas as to what YOU could create and share through Google Earth

For more information about Seeing beneath Stonehenge please visit the website or email.

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