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The Council for British Archaeology seek to support local campaigns. Encouraging active stewardship of the historic environment, with both buildings and archaeological services, is at the heart of our work.

Community involvment in the local heritage environment

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By becoming a member of the CBA, you can take a positive step to protecting your heritage through our programmes and campaigns. Thanks to our members, we are able to support the protection of heritage, preserving and enhancing its legacy for future generations.

How we can help

When voicing your concerns over heritage, the CBA is here to support you. As a charitable organisation we actively provide guidance and assistance to protect the historic environment. We work together with government, policy makers, property owners, and other interested parties to enable sustainable solutions for the historic environment.

Campaigns and casework

The CBA is directly influenced by your concerns. These active campaigns and case studies demonstrate just some of our successful work.

CBA and listed buildings

Protect your built heritage. Protect sites in your local area and discover how the CBA can support you.

Local Heritage Engagement Network

The Local Heritage Engagement Network (LHEN) is a project which aims to provide advice and guidance to local people who wish to champion archaeology and heritage in their local areas and make sure that all stakeholders understand the importance of historic environment issues on their doorsteps.

Useful information - historic environment

Here you can discover essential information about listed buildings, the work of the CBA and how this may impact on your local historic environment.

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