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Statement of Support of Dig for Archaeology - 10th June 2021

Statement of Support of Dig for Archaeology 

The CBA are pleased to support wider efforts to champion archaeology in the media and wider public. We are supportive of the ‘Dig for Archaeology’ campaign which seeks to increase media coverage of these issues. You can find out more at their website here.


Archaeology is the key to unlocking stories of people, places, and memory. It is about empowering the unheard voices, discovering new perspectives. A process and a thinking tool for the present.

Our future is rooted in developing and understanding where we have come from. Archaeology, by blending a unique mixture of science and history helps us to explore contemporary issues such as climate change, whilst also understanding our heritage, improving our economy, and bringing communities together, large and small.

There are several challenges facing archaeology today, from cuts to university funding to proposed changes to the English planning system. Archaeology needs to have a strong and united voice.

In the past few weeks this has led to a groundswell of archaeological campaigning and activism. The CBA is actively involved in advocacy work with our partners at CIFA, ALGAO, UAUK and The Heritage Alliance.  

Whilst much of this work takes place out of sight of the public, we do need the wider archaeological community and public to get involved and actively canvas their own MPs to support our advocacy work. We need to meet the challenges archaeology is facing today together, through active campaigning, contacting MPs, raising awareness, and promoting the benefits archaeology has to our future.

To get involved, you can follow our link which includes guidance on how you can speak up for the future of archaeology.

Festival of Archaeology

You can also show your support is to get involved through the CBA Festival of Archaeology, which this year will be on the theme of Exploring Local Places and will run from 17th July to 1st August.

The CBA Festival of Archaeology engages with all communities, creating opportunities for those new to the discipline to discover and explore stories about where they live and the archaeology in their areas. The Festival enables us to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate archaeology, develop understanding, knowledge, and cultural value. Through our theme of Exploring Local Places, we hope to champion fresh perspectives in how we recognise and values things and places around us.

You can find out more about the CBA Festival of Archaeology and how you can get involved here.

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