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The CBA has had a long history of engagement with the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site, principally associated with the management of Stonehenge and the surrounding landscape.

In early 2016, CBA trustees revisited earlier documents which had previously informed the CBA's engagement with Stonehenge, and in April agreed a revised and updated set of Cardinal Principles which the CBA believes are crucial in considering the management of the monument and its surrounding landscape. They will be particularly important in relation to any proposal for the A303 within the World Heritage Site which might be published for consultation in 2017.

The revised Principles were made available to all CBA members as a consultation draft in the summer of 2016, and trustees considered all responses at their meeting in October. The final draft of the updated Principles were then circulated to members for discussion and adption at the 2016 AGM in November.

The final updated document, as approved by CBA members at the AGM, is available for download below.

CBA statement on Stonehenge 2016 (272.0K, .PDF)
Updated CBA statement on Stonehenge as approved by members at the 2016 AGM

British Archaeology article by CBA Chair Jane Grenville (522.2K, .PDF)
The article reviews recent developments on the management of Stonehenge and introduces the revised CBA Principles

View Stonehenge-related presentations and discussion at the CBA 2015 AGM:

We have charted to full saga of Stonehenge's recent contentious history since the 1960s to allow you to see how thinking around the site has developed.

The Stonehenge Saga 1960-1999

The Stonehenge Saga 2000-2010

An image of Stonehenge, Britain's most iconic landscape
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