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Together we can bring our history to life, tell its stories and preserve that knowledge for future generations. But we need your help.

We have spent more than 70 years promoting Britain’s archaeology, enriching people’s lives now and making them proud to protect their heritage for future generations to enjoy. We do this in three ways.

  • Protect the UK’s archaeology
    Above all we work to ensure that people of all levels of society consider the UK’s archaeology.  We give communities the skills and confidence to fight to protect their local heritage and work with government and planners to ensure that laws and new developments protect our country’s archaeology.
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the UK’s archaeology
    Our education programmes focus on young people and the general public, but also work to educate those more likely to encounter archaeological material - such as metal detectorists - to report their finds in a responsible way to ensure that the lessons of the past are not lost.
  • Increase public participation in archaeology
    The best way to learn about and enjoy archaeology is to get involved in its discovery and exploration, so we work to get as many people hands-on with their past as possible. We encourage young people to experience their heritage so they learn to care about it and help local archaeology groups to involve more of their community with their passion.

We are dependent upon our Members’ support to be able to continue to stand up for Britain’s heritage and remain the only truly independent voice of British Archaeology. Your support can help us to preserve our incredibly rich historic environment for future generations to enjoy and learn from. 

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The archaeology of the British Isles lies waiting to be discovered. Join us today and let us immerse you in this land's glorious archaeology. With your help, we can continue to safeguard our rich heritage and open it up to everyone.


Help to safeguard the unique archaeology of the British Isles and take it forward to the twenty-first century and beyond. Leave a lasting legacy or in memorium gift to support the Council for British Archaeology.


The Council for British Archaeology is a small independent charity. We receive no regular funding and are reliant on support from our members and donations. The best way to support us is to join, but there are other ways too, from a one-off or regular donation to raising funds for free simply by shopping or browsing the web. Find out how below!

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