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Survey of Community Archaeologists

The Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) Voluntary and Community Special Interest Group has launched a survey of community archaeologists to get a better idea of who is working in community archaeology and to find out what everyone would like to have, or need, in terms of support and training.

This survey is to help inform the recently re-established CIfA Voluntary and Community SIG activities over the next few years. It is designed to help get a better understanding of who is working in community archaeology – a sort of profiling of the profession - and to see what the profession would like to have in terms of support and training.  What can they do to support you and promote best practice and standards in community archaeology across the UK.

So if you are involved in working with community groups, organising projects and outreach activities – as part of your work or in your own time, this survey is for you. It is a short survey so please share the link with colleagues, friends and family!

The survey is open until the end of January 2018.

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