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The Archaeology of Lincoln Series

Reports on the work of the Lincoln Archaeological Trust’s investigations in city of Lincoln the 1970s and 1980s.

XVIII Animal Bones from Flaxengate, Lincoln c870-1500
Terry P. O'Connor. 1982
XVII-3 A Late Saxon Kiln Site at Silver Street, Lincoln
Paul Miles, Jane Young, John Wacher. 1989
Currently unavailable
XVII-2 Early Medieval Pottery from Flaxengate, Lincoln
Lauren Gilmour. 1988
Currently unavailable
XVII-1 Medieval Pottery from Broadgate East, Lincoln 1973
Lauren Gilmour. 1977
Currently  unavailable 
XVI-2 Roman Pottery from the Upper Defences
Margaret J. Darling. 1984
Currently unavailable 
XVI-1 A Group of Late Roman Pottery from Lincoln
Margaret J. Darling. 1977
XV Clay Tobacco Pipes from Excavations at Lincoln 1970-1974
J.E. Mann. 1977
Currently unavailable
XIV-2 Early Medieval Finds from Flaxengate 2: Technology
Justine Bayley
Currently unavailable
XIV-1 Early Medieval Finds from Flaxengate 1: Objects of antler, bone, stone, horn, ivory, amber, and jet late 9th to late 12th century urban crafts and trades
J.E. Mann. 1982
Currently unavailable
XIII-2 The Church and Cemetery of St Paul-in-the-Bail
B.J.J. Gilmour and D.A. Stocker
Currently unavailable
XIII-1 St Mark's Church and Cemetery
B.J.J. Gilmour and D.A. Stocker. 1986
XII-2 Medieval Houses at Steep Hill, Grantham Street, and Danes Terrace
J. Magilton
Currently unavailable
XII-1 St Mary's Guildhall, Lincoln: The Survey and Excavation of a Medieval Building Complex
D.A. Stocker. 1991
XI Medieval Houses at Flaxengate, Lincoln
R.H. Jones. 1980
X Medieval and Early Modern Lincoln: The Upper City Currently unavailable
IX Early Medieval Occupation at Flaxengate, Lincoln
Dom Perring. 1981
VIII The Ancient Waterfront Currently unavailable
VII-2 The Defences of the Lower City
Christina Colyer, Brian J.J. Gilmour, Michael J. Jones. 1999
VII-1 The Defences of the Upper Roman Enclosure
Michael J. Jones. 1980
VI-2 Roman Coins from Lincoln 1970-9
Jennifer E. Mann, Richard Reece. 1983
VI-1 Early Medieval Coins from Lincoln and its Shire, c770-1100
Mark A.S. Blackburn, Christina Colyer, R.H. Michael Dolley. 1983
Currently unavailable
V Roman Artefacts Currently unavailable
IV-2 Roman Buildings below St Mark's Church
B.J.J. Gilmour and D.A. Stocker
Currently unavailable
IV-1 The Suburbs and Cemeteries of Roman Lincoln Currently unavailable
III Roman Sites in the Lower Walled City Currently unavailable
II The Legionary Fortress and Upper Colonia Currently unavailable
I Environment, Topography, and Settlement Origins Currently unavailable

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