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The Stonehenge Saga 2010-2020

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CBA produces a special edition of British Archaeology highlighting the latest discoveries at Stonehenge to inform the tunnel debate. Available for download here.


Archaeologists excavated the West Kennet enclosures (surviving as deep, narrow trenches dug to hold oak palisades) between 1987 and 1992. Finds from the dig have been re-investigated in a Historic England-funded project, with sensational results.

Originally thought to be contemporary with Avebury’s megaliths and Stonehenge, the enclosures have now been revealed to be up to 1,000 years older, and date to around 3300BC.

The new study has also shown that centuries after the enclosures had burnt to the ground, the site became a large settlement where the people who built nearby Silbury Hill lived.

These conclusions follow a major radiocarbon dating programme using samples from the old excavations.

Details of the new research and a broader history of Avebury are available in the latest edition of British Archaeology magazine.


In early 2016, CBA trustees revisited earlier documents which had previously informed the CBA's engagement with Stonehenge, and in April agreed a revised and updated set of Cardinal Principles which the CBA believes are crucial in considering the management of the monument and its surrounding landscape. They will be particularly important in relation to any proposal for the A303 within the World Heritage Site which might be published for consultation in 2017.

The revised Principles were made available to all CBA members as a consultation draft in the summer of 2016, and trustees considered all responses at their meeting in October. The final draft of the updated Principles were then circulated to members for discussion and adption at the 2016 AGM in November.

The final updated document, as approved by CBA members at the AGM, is available for download below.

CBA statement on Stonehenge 2016 (272.0K, .PDF)
Updated CBA statement on Stonehenge as approved by members at the 2016 AGM

British Archaeology article by former CBA Chair Jane Grenville (522.2K, .PDF)
The article reviews recent developments on the management of Stonehenge and introduces the revised CBA Principles


View Stonehenge-related presentations and discussion at the CBA 2015 AGM:

June 2013

As part of English Heritage’s project to transform the setting and visitor experience of Stonehenge, a section of the A344 road running right past the monument, almost touching the Heel Stone, will be permanently closed from today (Monday 24 June). Read the full news report here

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