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The vital contribution of archaeological advice to guide planning

Dr Mike Heyworth, Director of the Council for British Archaeology, talks to Adjacent Digital Politics about the vital contribution of expert archaeological advice to guide planning authorities...

"Archaeologists work closely with developers and their agents to ensure that planned development can go ahead. It is rarely a block on development and only about 3% of the planning applications put forward each year require some form of archaeological response. Currently, this means about 5-6,000 archaeological projects are undertaken nationally across England (with more undertaken across the UK through similar approaches in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

This work is funded by developers and makes an important on-going contribution to public understanding and appreciation of the past. It is very rare indeed for planning applications to be refused due in any way to archaeology, with less than 150 applications per year being impacted in this way (out of over 400,000 applications currently decided each year)." See the Adjacent Digital Politics website for the full feature.

Remember to contribute to the Inquiry into the future of local government archaeology services led by John Howell MP and Lord Redesdale with support from The Archaeology Forum. The call for written evidence closes 14 February 2014.

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