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Here you can discover essential information about listed buildings, the work of the CBA and how this may impact on your local historic environment.

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Planning system in England and Wales

In England, there are 351 Local Planning Authorities and 15 National Parks. The Local Planning Authorities care for and conserve 374,081 listed buildings.

Information and guidance about the legal framework in place in England can be found through these two documents.

In Wales, there are 22 Local Planning Authorities and 3 National Parks, which have Planning Authority status; between them they look after over 29,850 listed buildings. There are 4 archaeological trusts who work on the protection and promotion of the historic environment.

The Welsh planning system is currently ungoing significant change. Important information which describes these proposed changes can be found within these key pieces of legislation.

Planning Portal is an online information hub created by the government, focusing on the built environment in England and Wales. This site provides useful information about plans and the application process.The introductory video and information on their front page provides an overview of their work.

Heritage Help is a website designed by heritage volunteers and professionals. You can learn the basics about the historic environment and discover where you can find out more.

You can search your local Historic Environment Record (HER) through the Heritage Gateway site. The HER provides heritage information relating to both the built and archaeological environment.

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