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Welsh Minister calls for action over chapels

The Minister for Culture and Sport, John Griffiths, has called upon Cadw, the Welsh Government's historic environment service, to work with other partners to address the problems faced by Welsh Chapel buildings. In a speech to the Welsh Senedd on 18th February he said:

I know that members are concerned to make progress in safeguarding our religious heritage and I do wish to make progress, not least through practical guidance around the conversion of listed religious buildings for other uses. Places of worship, churches and chapels are facing unprecedented challenges, with small congregations attempting to look after buildings designed to accommodate hundreds and an accelerating rate of redundancy, all at a time of financial pressures. I said in January that we will be working with the sector to develop strategic plans. In the meantime, I have asked Cadw to develop an action plan for chapels and to work with partners across the sector to address the challenges facing our historic places of worship. The key elements in the approach will be to fill in gaps in our knowledge and to improve advice and support to help inform decisions on conservation, while strengthening the approach to engaging the public.

The CBA welcomes this move and hope to support Cadw towards this end. For more information about the issues go to our chapels page.

The full speech is available from the National Assembly for Wales website. 

Chapel in the Rhondda Valley
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